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Try this hi-class version of flappy-genre: the Underwater swimming mermaids is a nice addition to any arcade game of the flappy-bird-genre. Artistic mermaid girls flying gracefully underwater. You touch and she goes up: Avoid sharks and eat as much Red Sea Fish as you can. Once you start playing this marvellous game you maybe discover that it’s also +1 extra point for hitting the other fish by tail!

Meet the underwater fairy-tale arcade game

-= Mermaids Ocean Fishing =-

Underwater Swimming Mermaids Graceful
Discover the mystery of the Deep
Underwater Swimming Mermaids Girls and Whale
Some creatures are not really friends

Featuring in Underwater Swimming Mermaids game

Mermaids – Ocean Fishing:

Discover 4 very different mermaids, the masterpiece works of international team of artists.

🐟 Relaxation ambient stereo-music (really cool!!)
🐠 Blood-thirsty Dangerous Sharks
🐟 State-of-the-Art handcrafted models.
🐠 Friendly Colourful Coral Fishes
🐟 Foxy Cartoon Animation
🐠 Graceful Mermaids swimming curvy
🐟 One Tap Arcade control

Underwater Swimming Beach Bikini Girl Wallpaper
Mermaid Dive – God’s Light Effect. Beautiful, is it?

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