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Another cool brain game for us: This is Chess game widget ★ Behold the Grand-Grandpa of all Games ★ Really hard old-school, imagine!, even much-much older than pac-man or space invaders, Galactian or Load runner. Whatever. Five thousand years older in fact. Now we have is as WIDGET:

Perfectly polished gameplay through the centuries while the mankind plays all varieties of chess.


We give you, brothers, the playable widget for Android homescreen

This is a playable widget of chess game: Make sure you enable it on your Home-Screen. Add it there after main download and installation is complete. As soon as it’s done, enjoy the real chess right away and in full! It’s Always on, enabled and visible. Always-ready chessboard in a condition you’ve left it before right on the homescreen of your smarfone or taplet.

Users Commentary on Google Play Page
Users Commentary on Google Play Page

Playable Chess Widget – online screenshots

Chess Game Widget Queen Chess Game Widget Placement Chess Game Widget Colors

♛ – Beautiful artwork
♕ – Smart artificial intelligence
♛ – One of the greatest time-killers in history
♕ – Probably the best game mankind invented (Say hello to association football)

Enjoy the chess game. Waste your time smartly!

Size of the android-homescreen’s widget game: 4×4

((big enough to play and compatible to all Android screens))

The program does not contain advertising approaching its mission to deliver a nice tool full of joy to all the lovers of one the greatest games in the history of the mankind. We failed to find one as widget, and we fixed the problem. This program comes free of charge, using artificial intelligence engine by Gnu license v3. For licenses refer to You can find more details inside the program after installation of it