New game ‘JK Tanks‘ (former ‘Tank hunters’) – World war tanks online is a nice top-down shooter for every-day use. Promising to have variety of maps for Single and also Multiplayer online mode. One-minute gameplay may go as long as hours or a whole evening or a complete gaming week maybe.

HiGH-Score and Multiplayer Online will be releasing with the next update of our great tank wargame

Fast and realistic models of World War tanks

Early screenshots

IS-3 tank - Cartoon Tanks Online gameplay Cartoon Tanks Online - Armour Store Cartoon Tanks : Top-Down Shooter online game

Your personal Small Pocket War – JK Tanks

THE Online part is Coming the soonest – SEP 2017. And Single seat gameplay is already on the market

— Big cannons, Double-barrel cannons, Homing missiles, Mortar bombs
— Desert and Egypt pyramids, farms, fruit trees and wasteland, railway tracks and cars
— Bunch of amazingly colourful cartoon online tank models
— High ergonomic traditional controls shall fit all ages
— Engaging and challenging multiplayer gameplay
— Totally modern warfare! Storm of bullets and explosions

Your personal small pocket War: a nicely designed online game for smartphones, tablets, HD screens. Modern Warfare in a modern 3D Game, featuring Multiplayer! A never-boring time-killer game for every day use. Enjoy!

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