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This is a smart combination of Poker and a tiled board game: You are to move the chips and match them to form a combination of five card Texas Poker Combo Hand. Enjoy this new style of World’s famous playing cards game.

Admirable casino-style design & Beautiful Graceful Girl Guiding you through the game.

Match the right Texas Poker Combo Hand

Poker Tiles & Cards Casino-Game Screenshots:

Beautifully Crafted - Casino Girl - Texas Poker Combo Hand Match Game: Texas Poker Combo Hand Helpful to Gain e Texas Poker Combo Hand

In this Texas Poker Combo Hand game you collect poker combinations from chips (or let us better call them “tiles” which actually pretend to replace the playing cards deck). You collect those playing card tiles into lines as if they are now becoming one of the Texas Poker Combo Hands. New tiles appear every turn, trying to fill up the board and end your game, while you fight to clean the board by performing better and better poker combos.

Try making more than 5 cards together – fill up the Magic Area to multiply scores – or – obtain stars to activate the super abilities!

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