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Many of us are fascinated from the very childhood with all World War II warfare and especially the tanks, the deadly war machines along with stunning massive tank battles of that time. JK’s Game of Tanks is an awesome new game for Android suggests fascinating arcade warfare, all kind of tanks from SPG to regular tanks (on the screenshot below there are both SRGs and both German, that was designer fantasy, and it is not that the full team things they are the best, yet they are indeed very cool).

Game of Tanks: World War 2 Tank Models

Our JK’s Game of Tanks Features:

• A Highly dynamic tank battles
• Enforced With Modern 3D graphics
• Having A Lot of Tanks and a Lot of Upgrades
• Appearing in Artistic cartoon camouflage style
• Running on Handcrafted and carefully balanced desert maps
• Hi-end ergonomic controls
• A true 1-minute time-killer game!
• Nonstop action!
• Fire!
• Explosions!
• World War II best tank models
• Taste different game modes: Regular tank or SPG!! **
• Absolutely FREE tank game

Self Propelled Gun (SPG) Tank

This mode of the game enables when you change from regular tank, when the control is still based on two-joysticks idea, quite common and well-recognised. Then you finally take SPG (Self-propelled gun). A thing that has no rotating turret at all, only one joystick for both aiming and moving. It certainly provides better fire-rate of a tank gun, and some of them can shoot two or three shots in a row. Try SPG! Quite deadly!
Enemy SPG in JK Tank Game for Android

Enough Reading?

Available in Google play

Get it on Google PlayMyriad of players is already on it driving world war II tanks around in the hard tank battles to the complete domination in the Game of Tanks! They put good reviews, come up and check all this awesomeness. It’s not the most accurate ever reincarnation of the whole epoch, but this definitely a GENIUS TPS shooter Game of Tanks and worthy to have it in Collection.

Game of Tanks's Gameplay Levels in Android Best Game

JK Tanks is a proud 3D-action shooter for Android from — featuring this time World War II tank models and handcrafted levels. It runs a in middle-east-desert-coloured environment styled to be a Cartoon Graphics. It suggests best quality level of graphics and highly dynamic arcade physics model along with the business-logic of the game.


The player is given one level available when he or she starts the game for the first time. It is 8 levels carefully assembled and balanced with human players through 100 people’s gameplay before the official roll-out of the game. On completion of which next extra available: basically you collect stars given for Accuracy for Health bar left unused. More stars — more level available. And it is not that simple as it sounds! We guarantee hours of fun in this 5 minuted time-killing game :=D Enjoy the gameplay along with Loft UI and artistic colours make this game to be a remarkable & recommendable piece of software of its Class.


The first tank available for gameplay is based on a Soviet model of World War II which is IS-2, and by the gameplay player is offered to unlock a full collection which includes a great variety of Soviet, German and American tanks. The system here is simple: you control the desired tank, which can be from one of 20, then you destroy, kill or by other means eliminate all enemy threat. Graphics is same with the PC level of the game.

Free Tanks Shooter Game for Android